MonteOlimpo Winery

MonteOlimpo Wines

The winery produces wines in the territory of Sambuca di Sicilia in a hilly area at 350 – 500 meters above sea level. It arose from the awareness of young people who have turned their attention to a territory where the geological structure, the climate, the successive civilizations, have made man make the choices of grape variety, the way the vine is grown and the type of wine making . The wine preserves all this, allowing us to understand the characteristics of the land and traditions in the aroma and taste.

The rows scattered in the hills surrounding Sambuca testify to the care taken by the agricultural population in choosing the most suitable place for the growth of the vine, as if to cut out the territory in a checkerboard pattern, which in order to choose the best point there is an alternation between the green of the vineyards with the cereal yellow.

This is how the territory of Sambuca gives rise to a splendid fruit. What we wanted to highlight is a look at the places in which the flow of wine is covered with a range of values ​​making it a structurally “supporting”. Thus an apparently simple element, such as wine, shows an extraordinary complexity in the role of the Sambucese civilization.